Bespoke Fitted Kitchen Storage Options

Storage Options Available with our Bespoke Fitted Kitchens

bespoke Fitted Kitchen Corner Pantry

Classic Larder with automatic roll out shelves

Whether you are the woman of the house or the man, you will know that one of the most important things about your kitchen is where you can put your 'stuff'.

The classic larder gives you numerous options for storage and when you open the the door, the shelves automatically come towards you making it easier to access foodstuffs and bottles.

Corner Pantry Units with inner dividing systems

The corner pantry unit is useful in making space from those areas of your kichen where space might be lost.

Ideal for wine, food, Cutlery and general storage.

Make space with good looking kitchen fittings.


Internal Accessories to help you organise your items

With our shallow and deep drawer accessories you will be able to better store cutlery, pans, bottled items so everything is to hand.

Larder Unit Pull Out Drawers

The pull out drawers will give you greater use of space and you will be able to see more clearly without having to move items to see the back areas.


S Shaped Larder adding interest to your kitchen

Available in certain ranges the S Shaped Larder can add a lot of interest to your kitchen by breaking up the harsh lines.

Available in the following - Auden, Howarth, Hutton, Luna, Maine, Nevada, Reno & Seville.

Le Mans Storage Shelving

One of the best storage solutions for giving superb access to many different types of items. Customers use them for bottles, pans, herbs.

They have a high capacity due to their design and swing nature.

Tall storage modules
Kitchedn waste management options for recycling

Tall Storage built in or free standing

Tall storage units that can be built into your kitchen or remain as free standing units.  Ideal to have in a central location to make regularly used items easily accessible.

Waste management and recycling options

There are many different options in our waste management range and one to suit most requirements for simple disposal or segregation into different types of waste.

Corner feature Units

Corner storage incorporating wirework systems

Making the most use of the corner in a kitchen is important but even more important is having ease of access to the items you are storing.

Choose from many different options.

Internal concealed drawers

We can give your kitchen a streamlined look by concealing drawers either behind larger pull our drawers or behind doors.

For the customer who like a good line in their kitchen.